Solar Powered Car Ventilation Window Fan

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It helps exchange the air to outside for a better and new interior air environment. It helps to lower the temperature but can't significantly influence it incredibly quickly.

  • NO BATTERIES: It is a solar-powered fan that keeps the interior of your car cool and fresh. No batteries are needed.
  • COOL & COMFORTABLE: It will produce ventilation in your car and throughout heat from inside of the vehicle, and when you come back to your car, you'll find it comfortable and calm.
  • SOLAR POWERED: The solar panels on the outside collect and use the sunlight to run the fan that's on the inside. No batteries are needed. This feature makes it a fantastic product.
  • VENTILATION: The fan in the Auto Cool circulates the air that's inside and outside of your car. It sucks out the hot air that's inside your car and replaces it with the cooler outside air. Auto Cool is a solar-powered fan that keeps the interior of your car cool too.

  • EASY TO INSTALL: No wiring is needed to install this great fan in your car. Very easy to install in a minute.


  1. Material: Plastic + Monocrystalline silicon.
  2. Colors: Black.
  3. Size: About 148x58x110mm.
  4. Strip length: Approximately 740mm.
  5. Powered by: Solar.
  6. Power: 0.5 W.
  7.  Voltage: 2 V, 120ma.


  1. Turn your car's front or rear window down about 4-5 inches.
  2. Chip the automatic ventilation cooler in the window.
  3. The following size fits both ends of the automatic ventilation cooler.


  1. Cool: No longer feel hot when you enter the car. 
  2. Deodorization: Purifies the air, eliminates unusual smells and stinky smells. 
  3. As Demister when rainy day.
  4. Protects the car's electrical appliance: the car's electrical and electronic items are due to high temperature and affect its performance and life. 
  5. Health: air convection is good for you and your family to enjoy a harmless, non-toxic environment! 


1 x Strip

1 X Auto fan

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